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Winged Souls offers services in music composition, production and sound design (for games, film, advertisements and other media), music transcription and arrangement (for personal use or live performance), and teaching (piano, guitar, bass, theory/aural, production or transcription).


Winged Souls is the composition, arrangement, sound design and content creation project of Toby Mach, a producer and multi-instrumentalist from Melbourne, Australia. Having been involved in music and gaming since early childhood, Toby discovered the world of digital music creation and recording in high school and immediately delved into posting originals, remixes and transcriptions on the internet, first on Newgrounds and then on YouTube since 2012. He pursued a Bachelor of Music (Composition) in university with the goal of combining music and gaming by working in game audio, and since then has worked on indie games including Soda Dungeon 1 and 2, as well as some indie films.

Toby's musical journey started on the piano, but branched out to include drum kit, guitar and bass guitar, never having been able to settle on a main instrument the same way he can never choose a main in any game. A versatile performer who enjoys playing by ear, Toby is known to flex queue for whatever role needs filling in an ensemble and currently performs with the anime song cover band Hoka no Tea Time as a keyboardist as well as performing in and producing live game music shows with the Melbourne-based VGM collective Sinister Creative - with which he co-artistic directed and programmed Super Effective!, a sold-out musical homage to 9 generations of our favourite monster-catching franchise. Toby also currently teaches an array of instruments, encouraging and motivating students by fitting in their favourite VGM.

Toby is also passionate about making games, paying special attention to game feel and user experience, which has led to a deep understanding of the importance of audio in creating satisfying gameplay. Since his first tastes of game design in LittleBigPlanet and high school programming class, Toby's interest in game development has only grown, resulting in pursuing a Software Engineering degree which ultimately he chose to discontinue to instead focus on delivering great game audio and music education.

When not engaged in musical endeavours, Toby will mainly be found immersed in the constantly expanding worlds of MMOs and other live service games, grinding out levels and getting hyped (or salty) over the latest patch notes. He is especially drawn to the way the worlds and stories in this form of game are continuously being built, and would one day love to be able to contribute sonically to such a story.