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We love telling stories and going on journeys through music, and relish any opportunity to help bring audiences to new worlds! We specialise in composition for screen (especially games and film) but are also able to work with other formats as well, having experience in a range of fields including music theatre, rock bands and traditional concerts. We are happy to deliver a demo for your project and would love to work through revisions with you to make sure that the music is exactly what you want!


We are known on YouTube for delivering uncompromisingly accurate transcriptions for solo piano since 2012. In addition, we often provide scores for other instruments. If you're in need of a piece to be transcribed accurately and quickly for any instrument or ensemble we would love to hear from you!


As a extension of the above, we are capable of arranging music for any combination of instruments of your choice. We also love to have some fun with style and genre if you want to completely change it up!

Transcription Mentoring

Want to learn to transcribe music or play by ear yourself? Finding it a bit difficult? No worries! We'll sit down with you (virtually of course) and share some tips, as well as going through your scores to give you advice for your own journey!


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