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All the transcriptions that have ever been on the Winged Souls channel, as well as their sheet music and MIDI downloads, right here on one page! See the FAQ below for more information.

Solo piano transcription commissions are currently closed, however I'm available for more complex arrangements or remixes such as medleys or reorchestrations! Get in touch with a link to the piece you want transcribed to organise a quote.

Pricing varies depending on the complexity and length of the piece as well as what instrumentation the transcription is for. For more info click here.

When will you transcribe this piece?

Sorry, transcription requests are currently closed. Commissions, however, are open (see above).

How do I interpret the difficulties?

The listed difficulties are a general estimation of the amount of experience you need to play a piece. We have leaned towards overestimating rather than underestimating, as we don't want you to be disappointed when a piece is too difficult. In addition, as accuracy was of the essence in the process of transcription, most of the pieces are on the difficult end as they may contain passages that are not written as idiomatically as possible for the piano.

What do the League ranks (Diamond V, etc.) mean?

The League ranks are used to more precisely define the difficulty of a piece. They are currently only applied to League pieces but may be expanded in future:

  • Iron: unused, since it didn't exist when I played League
  • Bronze: capable of being played by beginners. Often consists of only the right hand or a very simple left hand. None of the transcriptions on this page are Bronze difficulty.
  • Silver: capable of being played by more advanced beginners. Will include commonly found left hand figures and simple right hands with chords of usually no more than two notes.
  • Gold: intermediate. Has more complicated left hand patterns, syncopation between hands and chords up to three notes.
  • Platinum: lower advanced ~ advanced. Left hand starts including bigger leaps, and some non idiomatic writing will be present, but still doable.
  • Diamond: advanced. Multiple parts being played in each hand, with large left hand leaps and a fair amount of non idiomatic writing. This tier has the most variation in difficulty from Diamond V to Diamond I, and most non-simplified transcriptions are in this tier.
  • Master: advanced. This is either nearing the edge of virtuosity or has a lot of non idiomatic writing and hence is not comfortable to play. There are only five pieces in this category.
  • Challenger: 'Challenger' level versions of pieces are intended to be on the edge of what is technically humanly playable, while pushing accuracy (and perhaps flamboyancy) to the limit. In other words, it's essentially a TAS but with the caveat that top players could probably play it. It's also the hardest difficulty that you will ever see an arrangement of a particular piece on our channel. Only three pieces feature Challenger arrangements with a fourth on the way.

Copyright information

None of the downloads provided below are hosted on this site. All downloadable materials are provided for personal, not-for-profit, educational use only. Winged Souls does not own any of the brand names, IPs, or compositions featured in the downloads unless otherwise stated.

Please don't reupload any of the files; it's better that they all come from one place so updates can be provided.